I came up with the name iDivision may years ago, in fact just as Apple released their iMac so it seemed on-trend to put an ‘i’ in front of any product name. I thought ‘iDivision’ would the perfect name for Apple to adopt as a shop front to sell their full suite of iProducts under...

I registered a limited company and registered iDivision.co.uk and sat back and waited for the phone call from Apple offering to buy out my name and company for an indecent amount of money. As you may have guessed that phone call never happened. So, instead of kicking back on a luxurious yacht cruising the Med, buying expensive sports cars and living the life of a lottery winner I had to set myself to work.

But then the phone did ring, not from Apple but with offers of creative work that has steadliy increased over the years. Thankfully myself and a merry band of trusted associates have been keeping ourselves busy ever since. I’d like to thank our clients, long-standing and new for your continued support, it’s very much appreciated and a big hello to any future clients that may be reading this and are itching to get in-touch.

Solos, Collaborations, Commissions

I have set the work out on this website into three categories, this is primarily to credit other agencies and organisations that we have worked hand in hand with. All work in ‘solos’ is the work completed on behalf of iDivision direct clients. The work within the ‘collaborations’ is work that has been produced for clients of our clients. Many clients of iDivision are agencies and creative groups themselves and commission us to work on their projects too, hence why they have been named in each case study for transparency. The work within the ‘commissions’ section is my personal work. However all creative work on this site is the work of iDivision ltd.

Credit where credit is due

A big thank you to our clients, collaborators and photographers who have kindly allowed us to show the work within these pages. Please see the credits page where you’ll find a full listing.

Oh, and Apple, just stop and think of where you could have been today.