On behalf of iDivision Ltd I’d personally like to thank, in no particular order, the following companies who without your loyal support the main body of work contained within these pages would not have been possible. It’s been a very rewarding and a fantastic opportunity to work alongside you and on behalf of your client’s brands:

SYNC, Push Thinking, Time Total, OWM&M Design, The Royal British Legion, Boston Garage Equipment, Nutkhut, Holler It and Peter Bull Art Studio

Photography credits: Umberto Cofini, Trevin Rudy, John Matychuk, Michael Henry, Mitch Lensink, Bruno Nascimento, Danny Lines, Haus of Zeros, Jon Tyson, Joseph Morris, Tyler Casey.

A special thanks also go to Camilla and Sam at Inkdot: who have built this most excellent website.

Many thanks, John Francis